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Our dealership, New Mexico Tractor Sales, is an authorized John Deere dealer for GSA and CES contract sales in New Mexico. John Deere has three separate GSA contracts (listed below) for lawn and garden equipment, gator utility vehicles, and tractors that are being extended to all state, federal, and municipal agencies in New Mexico. John Deere also has an all-encompassing CES contract for schools in New Mexico (listed below). These contracts allow your agency to purchase quality John Deere equipment at GSA discount rates without having to go out to bid.

Please reference to view the benefits of using a GSA contract.


John Deere Lawn and Garden Equipment
Contract # GS-06F-0083S
Contract Period: 6/6/06-6/5/11

John Deere Utility Vehicles
Contract #GS-07F-9670S
Contract Period: 9/1/06-8/31/11

John Deere Agricultural Equipment
Contract #GS-30F-0007T
Contract Period: 11/29/06-11/28/11


John Deere Lawn & Garden, Utility Vehicles, and Tractors
Contract #2005-021-JDC
Contract Period: 5/20/05-5/20-08
Please contact us if you need a copy of the contract, discount schedules, and purchasing procedures.